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Video shows Final moments of Dowen college student, 12, who died after allegedly being tortured by his classmates for refusing to join cult

Family of 12-yr-old student who died after being allegedly tortured by other students counter Dowen college claims.

In a video posted online, the now-deceased student can be seen with bruised lips and was also being carried around as he was unable to move on his own.

This comes after the school management released a statement yesterday, Thursday, December 2 denying claims that the student was beaten because he refused to be initiated into a cult.

According to the statement, the student only fractured his hips during a game of football and was released to his parents for further treatment.

Before he passed on, the student was said to have mentioned names of some of the students who were behind the attack, an allegation the school vehemently denied, maintaining that it was a faith-based school.

Nigerians are now questioning the authenticity of the claims made by the school, with many pointing out that a fractured hip couldn’t have caused so much damage.

Watch the Video Below:

Some social medial users have reacted to the news. Below are some:

Martin Beck Nworah wrote:
No parent deserves to see their child suffer in this way. That school needs to be brought to books and face the law. How can a mother and father send their son to learn and then the kid comes back dead? How?
And to imagine the school said he fell while playing soccer is even more heartbreaking. What sort of soccer could injure a kid to death? The sheer inhumanity and inability to feel the pains of this family is cringing. Zero empathy!!!Gosh! May God not allow us use our own millions to buy death.

Melody Summerset Gracie wrote:
May I never see any reason to take my kid to a boarding school at such tender age…what are they boarding for goodness sake!…the is another incident of boarding school we are hearing about, only God knows countless others which didn’t surface… some parents should please learn, train ur kids also to be smart and speak up on time if there’s any threat to his/her life…train them from home, they are too tender to live far from home.. it’s so sad!

Chelsea Damian wrote:

I also went to a boarding schoolInfact it was a police school
This kind of things happen but trust me these school try their best to discipline their students but human beings will always be humansWe were tortured by some senior students and we dare not tell aunthorities about it
Though I wrote a book and published before leaving the school, there I was able to spill the bean

Immaculeta Onyinyechi wrote:
None of my kids will smell boarding school
My cousins experiences in boarding schools is enough to discourage me 🥺…
The last time one of them complained to my grandma ,that the were given soured soup to eat
Omoo,I can’t even imagine the other things the passed through over there
.you will pay expensive money for your child to go there and turn into something else
The last time it was a girl in one of the boarding school,who died after con_dom was found inside her private part
Dear parents,once your child in boarding school start complaining,please do the necessary…
Don’t be like the mother of the girl that died ,because the school delayed releasing her to her parents…
Once your child complains about anything happening to him/her
Don’t allow the school to tell u the can take care of the issues…take your ward immediately and find out what is wrong
The child is yours,and you are paying for the education
And again ,try to communicate with your wards,during breaks,try to know how the are faring in school
Parenthood is more than sending your kids to school,feeding them and providing all the need
There is more to being a parents

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