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Words of encouragements to all JAMB Candidates

Read ‘Words of encouragements to all JAMB Candidates’ from a beloved and caring Aspirant of University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN).

Words of encouragements to all JAMB Candidates.
Encourage one another (The Inner Soul of Me!)

Good day to all who read this. This is for my fellow jambites. Between last year and this year, Ihave heard so many sad stories of those who injured themselves as well as committing suicide because of one problem or the other with their jamb, either scoring low in jamb or seized results.

I want to ask a sincere question, is the low scores, seized results or even jamb itself worth our DEATHS?our PAIN? or even our CRIES? It is so sad to see my fellow jambites wallow in misery because of certain problems with their jamb. Now those who are gone,where do you think they are? If only they could have waited to see the raising in the sun.

It may seem almost impossible to live when you’ve lost something so dear to you, but that doesn’t give you the right to play tricks with your life. Remember that God is the giver of life,let him take it whenever He pleases.

So many of us has written jamb close to five years now,i have seen somany cases like that, my brother even at that, all hope is not lost. There are a thousand and one handworks waiting for you to place your faith on, and who knows if that is your destiny. We all know that Bill Gate is a school drop out and he never needed jamb or higher institutions to take him to the highest level he is now.

We all have dreams to fulfil. A relative of mine wants to study Achitecture but has passion for Basket ball, though he has written jamb for three times and in the midst of those three years he studied in poly, having hopes for university, he never gave up on basket ball. For four years he has been training and was bedridden for a month and two weeks because he fractured his leg. Two universities he applied for but never got admission,he didn’t wet our pillow, nor try to make us buy a coffin for him, because up till date he still has hope, he never gave up on his dream to be a basket baller, never gave up education because he knows that their is still a GOD above him. And i pray to God almighty will grant his most treasured desires as well as you reading this.

I encourage people out there who has given up in life because of no development in education to try their best to be useful. I believe that everyone came into this world for a mission. We were all made for something, made to make impact in peoples lives, made to be the best we can be. We should not go destroying our future. Remember that nothing good comes easy at all.

All we need to do is to strive for greatness at all cost. Spread this news and give the lost hopes the reason to keep believing.

Thanks all….

Okafor Princess (

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