YABATECH Admission List for 2020/2021 Academic Session

LATEST UPDATE: Yaba College of Technology, YABATECH Admission List for 2020/2021 Academic Session is not yet out.

As soon as the admission list comes out, we will update this page accordingly. If you have any question, please feel free to ask us using the comment box below and we will be very pleased to answer you.


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The information below is for last academic session. You can go through it.

YABATECH Admission List: Yaba College of Technology Admission List for 2019/2020 Session has been updated. See how to check and other details below..

YABATECH ND admission list

AllSchool is pleased to inform all National Diploma applicants of Yaba College of Technology (YABATECH) that the Merit admission list for 2019/2020 academic session is out.

UPDATE: Candidates who were seeing Admission in progress can recheck their portal. Some candidates admission status has changed to CONGRATULATIONS…

Candidates should follow the steps below to know their admission status

How to Check YABATECH Admission List

Check via PDF

Supplementary Admission List

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Merit List

Download Merit (Pdf)

Check via JAMb Portal

Check via the  JAMB CAPS Portal and JAMB Admission Checking Portal.

To check your admission status, please follow the procedure below:

  1. Go jamb.org.ng/efacility.
  2. Login to your Jamb profile with your username and password.
  3. Scroll down then locate and click the ‘Check Admission Status‘ tab.
  4. Then click on Admission Status,
  5. You should then click on check admission status or
  6. Click on Access my CAPS.
  7. Select the three doted line at the top right-corner of your browser ( i.e. ⋮) and then tick ‘Desktop site‘. (you can click on the image for better view)
  8. Then click on admission status
  9. You will either see admission in progress check back later, or NOT ADMITTED, or CONGRATULATIONS..

Case 1: If you see CONGRATULATIONS…, accept/Reject your admission and wait for further instruction.

Case 2: If you see admission in progress, then be patient, the status will change in few days/weeks. Just check back after some time.

Case 3: Not Admitted, if in such case, please don’t give up yet! You might still gain admission. Just be hopeful!

If you have any question, please feel free to ask us using the comment box below. We will be very pleased to respond.

Thank you so much for reading this article, we really do appreciate. We hope you loved it, if you did, please share this page with your friends via the share buttons below. Sharing is caring.

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good day would like to ask how many list are yet to be released and when the next one one would be released. thank you


Is yabatech still releasing more list


Is yabatech still releasing more list ?


Sir, I did change of course to chemistry education, but it’s not reflecting on my jamb caps, and I scored 48.5, will I still be given admission


Pls sir is yabatech still giving admission


Ok l said I scored 8 in post utme fine , wat if I now change from my old course Mass communications to office management technology will l be accepted ? Pls l need quick response and my aggregate score is 42.50


Pls can any one who scored 8 in post utme be accepted even with good grade in jamb


Pls sir have they release the second batch ?
pls if no when will they release it


Pls sir why are they delaying our admission list other schools have released their why ? Pls l need quick response and pls are they giving admission according to your post utme score or according to all ur score after calculating it ?


Pls has the uploading of documents started?


Pls has the yabatech acceptance fee payment started?


Is yabatech still given admission for nd full time, and when is it going to be release


Please is the second batch out


Please when is the 2nd batch going to be out cause I have been checking and nothing yet plus the portal is not opening again


I went to the admin office to complain, I was referred to one GITCO office upstairs the college hall, the man I met there told me I am not the only one,I should keep on checking that it will be upgraded, and av been checking since then it still the same


The jamb subject combination 4 fashion design and clothing technology on the jamb brochures is english,chemistry and any two among biology/physics/agric/maths. I did English, physics, chemistry and maths, pls can u help me to confirm if the utme combination is also accepted in yaba so that I can know the next step


Gud evening, I was disqualified due to incomplete o level result, my course is fashion design and clothing technology. but when I went to yabatech, I was told that the result will be upgraded, it remain one subject 4 d required course which is suppose to be fine art but I WS told that it is either biology or fine art pls can this be trusted


Good afternoon. Please i just recheck my admission status,and my course and institution has been uploaded, but is still not admitted, please am confused what is happening.


pls, when is yabatech releasing their admission list on yabatech portal and is the 2nd batch out


pls,when is yabatech releasing their admission list on yabatech portal and is the 2nd batch list out.


pls,when is yabatech releasing thier list on the school portal and is the 2nd batch out


Please is yabatech still given admission for nd full time?, because the 2nd batch list have not been released


How many batches are out now


Please is yabatech still given admission for nd full time? Because the second batch have been released


I score 10/30 and i want to study building technology can yaba tech admit me


Please the last time I checked the portal it was showing your o level required subjects are ok please keep checking for update on your admission status all my results are complete no d but b and cs but I checked recently and it’s showing you have been disqualified based on incomplete o level result what does this mean? Cause I am scared


Pls, is YCT doing screening for the HND 2019/2020 & when are they doing the exam, what are 5he step are we going to take


have upload my o’level result since the time registered for jamb, but it’s not showing again,pls can it affect my admission


is it true that yabatech has released her second batch list for ND student


is it true that yabatech has released thier second batch for ND student


I got admission to study fashion in yct. My aggregate score was 53%, I later checked to discover it has been reduced to 51% ND it says I am disqualified due to incomplete o level result, and my required subject was reduced, with will happen to my admission


can I gain admission into yabatech with 54.13% in accountancy,because the cut offatk is 59.38%,pls.


please,when is yabatech releasing the second batch


pls,when will Yaba tech release the subsequent list


when are they releasing the subsequent list


pls,when are they releasing the subsequent list


please when is yabatech candidates of 2019/2020 resuming is it December or next year March please

adetunji opeyemi

when is yabatech candidates of 2019/2020 resuming is it December or next year March because have been hearing a lot


please is yabatech second batch out


pls I have 54.13% in my agregrate and am confused about the accounting cut of mark,cuz I can see 62.something,59.23 and I didn’t understand and when I check the admission status on jamb caps it’s showing not given admission yet,can I be admitted with 54.13% to study accounting

Enyinnaya victory

Please I scored 205 in jamb and 16/30 in the post utme my overall aggregate score is 55.13 do I have any chances to study business administration there cause I am not seeing anything on the jamb caps and it’s showing admission in progress on the school portal


I have accepted the admission on jamb caps.. Pls what is the next step? Pls do you knw when the admission list will be available on yabatech website

Deborah Ajisafe

Pls I scored 17/30 and my aggregate is 53.75. SLT aspirant. My admission status is still showing not admitted, pls any chances for admission?


I score 14/30 in post_utme and my aggregate score is 47.25% and I want to study SLT,can I be admitted?

Olamide adesewa olamide

Please when I checked mine they said no admission is given yet, please what did they mean


Sorry but my institution and course are not showing


It’s not showing the institution on the caps, and the payment of verification is not showing also. What can I do?


will yabatech admit second choice candidates


Its is saying i havent paid for verification which i done on the admission checker page


How to check if have been admitted in yabatech

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