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You Are Not Dumb For Failing An Exam, Passing An Exam Doesn’t Mean You Are Intelligent — Reno Omokri

Mr. Bemigho Reno Omokri, a human rights activist and former spokesperson for former President Goodluck Jonathan, claimed on his social media account that when someone passes an exam, it doesn’t mean that the person is really smart.

According to him, it means the person has a good memory.

Reno is known for using his verified social media account as a platform to educate people on how to live a good life and succeed.

He further advised people not to let anyone fool them, thinking they are stupid, just because they failed the exam.

According to his tweet, Reno suggested:

“Reading a book and passing an exam based on what you read means you have a good memory. It does not mean you are intelligent. Intelligence is more than memory. Intelligence is creativity. Don’t allow anyone to fool you into thinking you are dumb for failing an exam!”

Reacting to the post,

@Btworldorg wrote: Am with you on this boat sir. The school system for long has deceived us into believing that mentality. Kudos to Elon Musk who created his own school which is totally different from the traditional schooling method

@JoDan0018 wrote: There are three domains of learning sir. Cognitive, effective and psychomotor. Questions are set base on two or three of the above. You can’t pass your exams without intelligent

@OkwuolisePromi1 wrote: That was Powerful sir. A lot us have these creative mind and if used properly or invested into high income skill will earn massive from it.

@iamLadyNyla wrote: Fact, now the sad thing is that our country’s education system test and appreciate memory over intelligence

@TphatB wrote: I’ve always know this, I don’t measure intelligence base on exams. In 1999 when I sat for my Microsoft Certification Exams, there is this guy that we study together, practically is better than me but when we sat for our SQL database Exams, I passed it easily but he failed it.

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