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Student Reveals Why He Rejected Oxford Varsity Full Scholarship

A businessman identified as Mark Adams has narrated how his 18-year-old brother rejected a full scholarship from the prestigious Oxford University after he was denied admission from that School years back.

According to  a LinkedIn post, Mark stated that his brother had applied to read law at Oxford University at age 18 but he was denied admission. 

After three years, At the age of 21, Mark stated that his brother wrote a legal paper that went viral and made him sought after by many prestigious universities – they all offered him full master’s scholarship. 

Interestingly, Oxford University happened to be one of those varsities that wanted the young man to be their student. He however rejected that of Oxford with an epic letter and picked Harvard university. 

In the letter Mark shared, his brother reminded Oxford how they rejected him 3 years ago when he applied to read law with no explanation. 

His response to them reads: 

Thank you for your kind letter and the offer of a fully paid masters scholarship at the college. I am truly touched. 

“However, I must inform you that your application to me is unsuccessful. 

“In parity with the degree of concern and with respect you show all applicants, I will offer you no reason or explanation for why. 

“Instead, I simply return to you the exact letter you sent to me 3 years ago this month – with your name swapped out for mine and vice versa. 

“I have accepted a fully paid scholarship at Harvard and begin in September. 

“Have a Nice Life!” 

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Social media reactions 

Jodie Hudson said: “It su*cks to be rejected but that’s part of life. He got rejected at 18, did some work and proved himself by 21 and got accepted. 

“Instead of success being the best revenge, he decided to be petty and write back. Which okay, sometimes we have to let off steam, in maybe not the best handled way. Could have been a funny story among friends. “

“But now it’s posted online to shame the school for not recognizing his 3 years in the future brilliance? The college didn’t post the rejection letter online. They are the real hero in this story.” 

Hannah Louise Dodd said: “I was once rejected from a university because my projected A level grades where too low to be considered a good enough prospect for them. 

“I ended up getting an A and two B’s at A level and going through adjustment, they offered me a place which I then rejected and went onto the amazing place that is the University of Sheffield and got my English BA and a journalism masters so I can honestly say there’s nothing more satisfying than getting your own back on a uni rejection.” 

Janeen Achtar said: “Completely unnecessary and petty. Success is measured by how we deal with rejection and this does not shout success. Hopefully this does not come back to bite on the behind.” 

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